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Landscaping Mulch in Rochester, MN

Hathaway Tree is a leader in the area for premium hardwood mulch. We grind and vat-dye our mulch onsite (providing deep, long-lasting color) in your favorite, environmentally friendly colors. We always have an ample supply on hand.

All mulch products are sold by the cubic yard. One cubic yard covers an area approximately 10' x 10' x 2" deep.

Premium Hardwood Landscaping Mulch
Natural           $20.00
Colored          Sorry - we have no colored mulch this season.

Natural              $20.00
Double-ground natural mulch. Slightly more refined, this is favorite for playground areas.

Natural              $10.00
Unrefined, rough-cut. Suitable for walking paths, stables.

Pick some up yourself or take advantage of our delivery of up to 2 loads for one nominal fee.
In town                $70.00
Out of town         $80.00

Property with our landscaping mulch in Rochester, MN
Courtesy of Shades of Green Landscaping
Hathaway tree service landscaping mulch
Courtesy of Shades of Green Landscaping
Hathaway tree service tree recycling
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